Week 7: Planning and Filming and Finalizing, Oh My!



With only three weeks left in the FUTURES program, it seems like the past seven weeks have flown by.  Along with having a blast participating in Netsmart and FUTURE activities, discussed in previous blogs, we have been hard at work planning, filming, and finalizing our strut presentation video. We decided to stick with the 80’s theme from the roller skating party at the beginning of the summer, and each work group has found creative ways to incorporate that into each of their videos. Filming began last week and we have been told that we have big shoes to fill from past FUTURES videos. Fortunately, a FUTURE’s brother graciously volunteered to shoot and edit our video along with our help, of course. We have been extremely thankful to have Oliver Hughes (Worth It Films) help our video be the best FUTURES strut yet!

And don’t forget about the go-karts! The engineering FUTURES were lucky enough to experience an afternoon out at PowerPlay with their mentors. The half day consisted of unlimited buffets, WhirlyBall (a mix of basketball and lacrosse with the addition of bumper cars), laser tag, and go-karting. It was a great opportunity to hang out with some of the full time associates and to see the team building process in action.

Along with working hard on our strut presentation, the FUTURES are working diligently to finish projects given by our respective departments and make sure we all leave a lasting impression during our time at Netsmart. We believe we can speak for the group as a whole when we say the FUTURES have all had a great time working here, making new connections, and enjoying the crazy, fun events that we’ve attended throughout our time here! We can’t wait to see what the final three weeks have in store!

-Jake Lamb (Engineering), Nick Ramsey (Sales), and Mollie Goodbary (TIER)

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