Bringing The Healing Power of Dance to Youth in Psychiatric Treatment

Let’s be honest – company mantras and mission statements are a dime a dozen. Unless we believe the words crafted on a page, they’re just rhetoric. So, who believes in being “vision driven, cause connected and passionate about opportunity and obligation?” One answer: Netsmart Chief Medical Officer Ian Chuang. Without his vision, combined with the passion of two other organizations, Kansas City youth in psychiatric treatment would not be experiencing the healing power of dance exhibited in the video above. The work happening at KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital is really something special to see. Dance provides more than just an outlet for the children and teens – 95 percent of whom have experienced serious trauma in their lives — it also helps them self-regulate.

KVC is a client-partner of Netsmart. Our CareRecord is a vital component of all they do. But Ian, whose daughters have been heavily involved in dance, went a step further in the company/client relationship and saw an opportunity to connect the talented folks from the Kansas School of Classical Ballet with KVC while utilizing the CareRecord to document and analyze outcomes of the pilot dance program.

In short, it started with a vision that connected with an important cause that led to an opportunity which, in fact, is an obligation. That obligation is to help others where we can. As Ian said when we shot this video, “At the end of the day, these are just kids with hopes, dreams and aspirations like any other children.” Words alone don’t help these kids reach their goals.

– Kevin Allen

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