The Week 9 Wrap Up

Engineers with Chris Bailey Gnome EDM Fundraiser

Week 9.  Sync Week…  Give a Gnome a Home Fundraiser…  EveryDayMatters Family Jamboree…  Executive Panel…  Chris Bailey’s walk across America… Oh boy has it been a busy week here at Netsmart!

Thank goodness it’s almost over!  On a serious note, this has been the single best week of my internship.  Over the course of the past nine weeks, I have learned a great deal about Netsmart and the type of business we strive to be.  Having an active role in the planning and execution of the Give a Gnome a Home Fundraiser and Jamboree, I’ve gained huge insight into the associates that work at Netsmart.  I usually stay close to my desk, hanging out with all the crazy finance people.  These events have really helped me get away from my desk, and interact with other associates!  The associates at Netsmart are awesome.  Everyone is very willing to give their time to help out in planning, or even something as simple as spending thirty minutes passing out gnomes.  The FUTURES were told that we were in charge of planning the Jamboree, but it has been unbelievable to see how many associates have stepped up and helped in any way possible.  I think this really goes to show how close-knit a company of nine hundred can be.

Last Friday, the FUTURES participated in an executive panel.  Although the FUTURES prepared questions, the executives started off with their own question to break the ice.  This relaxed setting really got the conversation going and set the mode for the rest of the panel.  Overall, the whole panel flowed and felt really natural.  There were even a few ongoing jokes throughout the whole event!  The executives really enforced that Netsmart is a family and helped us feel even more at home.

Later that day, we had a company-wide lunch and learn with Chris Bailey, a man currently walking across America.  Over the course of the hour, Chris talked about his inspiring battle with substance abuse, the challenges he faced with getting clean, and the friends and family that helped him along the way.  After the event, Chris even got an exclusive sneak peek at the Engineering FUTURES project! As the target demographic for the project, Chris was elated to see that people were working on something he felt would help him and others on their road to recovery.  Seeing Chris’s genuine excitement for a project our team has been working on gave us a renewed energy to push this delivery past the finish line.

– Max Maiale and Josh Reed

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