Week 10: All Good Things Must Come To An End…Or Not.



By now I’m sure that you’ve had a chance to read about the various things that we, the FUTURES of 2015, have had the opportunity to do while at Netsmart this summer.  Now we have reached the final week of our internship, and as we wrap things up, I would like to share my experiences as a Netsmart FUTURE with you.

I have had multiple internships, but this one has by far been the most rewarding.  At my past internship I was basically the coffee girl that was tasked with the boring, tedious projects that no one wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for the experience, but I didn’t leave the internship feeling as though I had learned anything.  Thankfully that was not the case at Netsmart.  From day one as a FUTURE I began learning so much!  I was given the opportunity to work on high-priority projects in the marketing department, which proved to me that my department did not place me on the bottom of the totem pole as a lowly intern, but rather viewed me as an equal who could accomplish challenging tasks.  Throughout the summer I was able to work on multiple infographics for numerous projects, implement branded layouts for marketing slicks, whitepapers, and success stories, create web graphics for NTST.com, contribute to the EveryDayMattersTM Family Jamboree, create t-shirts for EveryDayMattersTMFoundation, Campus Recruiting, and the Marcum Workplace Challenge in New York City, which won an award for “Best Use of the Marcum Workplace Challenge Logo”, and organize the most awesome foosball tournament ever.

Being a Netsmart FUTURE has so many benefits, one being that you gain real world work experience that you can take with you as you begin your career, and another is the friendships that you make during your time at Netsmart.  This group of 2015 FUTURES has truly been a great one!  We have shared so many stories, laughs and fun times, and I know that this summer would not have been the same had I not been given the opportunity to meet these wonderful people!

What am I doing now, you ask?  Well, apparently I enjoyed my time here so much that I decided to stay and continue to be a part of the Netsmart family. I will lose the title of “FUTURE” (or “Future” if you’re in the marketing department), and will become a full-time member of the Netsmart community.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a FUTURE, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for me here at Netsmart!

 – Laura Schoonover, Marketing


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