A Leap of Faith

I started at Netsmart in 1998 in a Customer/Technical Support position. When I started, my background wasn’t Healthcare but engineering so this was a leap of faith for me.


I have seen Netsmart grow substantially from those early days to become the company it is today and my role evolve in the Support organization a great deal. I started as Client Support and was promoted to Senior Technical Support Analyst and the primary contact for the North Carolina LME User Group which included weekly conference calls and bi-monthly on-site meetings with the 9 member agencies.

In 2007, when Support was restructured, I moved to Level 2 Billing Support for the Avatar product line as Senior Billing Support Representative. In 2010 I was promoted to Supervisor and in 2011 I was made Manager of the team and now oversee eight Netsmart Associates supporting our Clients using our Avatar PM and MSO applications.

I work very closely with our Clients to support their billing and claim processing using Netsmart Solutions and other Netsmart departments including Engineering, Product Management as well as the other Support teams.

Peter Hadcock, Manager – Avatar Billing Support

To learn more about joining Peter and the Support Team visit our Careers Page!

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