Changing lives for the better, every second of every day!

I joined Netsmart before it was Netsmart! In 2004, I was hired as Director of Marketing Communications at CMHC Systems, the Ohio-based company that developed the CMHC/MIS CareRecord. A year later, that company was acquired by Creative Socio-Medics (the developer of Avatar), and Netsmart was born.


Over the past 11 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many dedicated, knowledgeable Netsmart associates in all parts of the company. I’ve managed a variety of areas, including marcom, external communications and trade shows/events.


In my current role as Director, Industry Relations, I’ve focused an increasing amount of time working with Kevin Scalia on federal legislative advocacy initiatives. As the only private company and a founding member of the BHIT Coalition, we’ve worked on our own and with organizations like the National Council for Behavioral Health to make a direct impact on legislation and federal regulations on behalf of our clients and all providers. As you can imagine, that effort is ongoing…visit for the latest info.

I’ve worked in corporate communications positions at several interesting, growing tech companies. But Netsmart is different, because we play a major role in helping our clients change lives for the better, every second of every day.

– Dave Kishler, Director, Industry Relations

If you would like to join Dave in changing lives for the better every day, consider joining team #NTST visit our Careers Site to learn more!


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