At Netsmart, My Voice Has An Impact…

I have been developing software for Netsmart nearly two years now. When I started, I was told “the rate of change might be a little faster than what you have seen before.” Without fail, that has held true every day here.


My background spans a number of industries, with the longest postings being with a large financial institution. I was fortunate to work with some great teams there, but often found the delay between identifying a user problem and getting a solution to end users disheartening.

At Netsmart I have had the opportunity to work with people dedicated to doing whatever it takes to provide solutions for the people impacted by our software. The difference is hard to quantify, but without a doubt makes it easy to see the connection between code changes and impacted lives. Our ability to react quickly, and enact change without undue hindrance is continually refreshing.


The environment at Netsmart meant that from my first day on the job, my voice had an impact on the direction of my projects, and design decisions both large and small. As I have grown with the company I have had the opportunity to provide mentorship to newer developers and lead a team working on a wide variety of projects. I do not think my experiences have been unusual, in that we are always looking for, and I might say expecting, new team members to contribute their ideas and pursue the improvements they want to see us achieve.

-Jordan Nelson


If Jordan’s experience sounds intriguing, learn more by visiting our Career Site!

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