Corporate Travel Tips from the Netsmart Travel Manager

Corporate travel is stressful. Throw in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and multiple that stress by about 17 or so. With security as stringent as ever (and rightfully so), long lines and endless amounts of people in sight, keeping your sanity at the airport can be tough. Navigating the airport during high volume times throughout December can be a challenge, but here are a few tips to help you decompress.


Let’s get physical. Kick your business trip off on the right foot (literally and metaphorically) by taking some time to exercise before your travels. It’s a fact that physical activity is a known stress reliever so get in your steps, hit up your favorite cross fit gym or take to your yoga mat before takeoff.

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Early bird gets the worm. Ok – so more time at the airport sounds like more stress, right? Wrong! Your stress will be more manageable if you have the opportunity to take your time versus pulling a Home Alone sprint through the terminal.

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Tune out. Listening to your favorite jams can really set the precedent for a stress-free airport visit. You’re much less likely to worry about how long the security line is when Journey is streaming through your veins.


Be realistic. There is no controlling Mother Nature or airplane deicing or any other possible problems that can pop up during business travel. By acknowledging now that some things are out of your control, you are relieving some extra weight on your shoulders. Just follow the advice above and allow yourself extra time to get to your destination.


Safe travels during the Holiday season!

– Jason Sportsman, Travel & Expense Manager


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