Staying Healthy During Business Travel

‘Tis the season for coughs, colds and flus – particularly the highly contagious norovirus. Unfortunately, frequent flyers on business travel are at risk. While the flu can be hard to handle from the comfort of your home, it’s definitely something corporate travelers will want to avoid on both short flights and those long, trans-Atlantic flights.

Here are some tips from a corporate travel agency, to ensure that frequent travelers have all of the tips they need to fight off illness while they are traveling:

• Sanitize your surfaces. While some people think that the air in an airplane is their biggest concern (spoiler alert – they’re wrong), it’s actually the germs on and around the surfaces in which they’re sitting that will most likely cause sickness. Tray tables, arm and head rests, seats and more can harbor bacteria and viruses that will make passengers on business travel sick. Bring along disinfectant wipes for peace of mind.


• Avoid the bathrooms. Easier said than done, but if possible try and skip using your plane’s restrooms. The toilet to passenger ratio is typically from about 50 to 70 – 1. More people = more bacteria and viruses. Can’t wait until you’ve landed? Make sure to have anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on your person to make sure that you’re killing as many of these microorganisms as possible.

Airplane lavatory/toilet
• Use hand-sanitizer before eating or drinking in-flight and after. If you’re having an in-flight beverage or meal, be sure to take that hand sanitizer out and use it before your hands get too close to your food, drink or face. By this point, we know you will have been diligent and wiped down all of your area’s surfaces, but you never know when you could be exposed to norovirus or other bacteria.


Getting sick during business travel is just one of the many unexpected roadblocks that can occur.

– Jason Sportsman, Travel & Expense Manager


One thought on “Staying Healthy During Business Travel”

  1. Hello Jason Sportsman, This is helpful when planning new business travel. Great tips shared by you. I will take care of all these points When I will plan for business travel.


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