Go-Live Success

9863_10153603837151026_3468263867036492432_n**GO-Live! Netsmart and The Jewish Board team

I am humbled to have the pleasure to post this picture. Today marks the initial Go-Live for The Jewish Board in New York City. They are New York City’s largest provider of Health and Human Services. This project began on July 6th, 2015 and 8 months later we are going live. The project team that has worked on this project have been absolutely flawless in their efforts and have worked extremely hard.

The immediate team members are Patricia, Kathryn, Dawn, Kerrie, Angie, Stephanie, Jamie, Cody, Matt and Kathryn, however, the list of those who helped us get to this point is quite long.

JB Go Live**Team Netsmart at The Jewish Board in New York City

We have been able to leverage product development, engineering, support, marketing, Cloud Services, finance, and consulting to achieve this goal. This is truly a total Netsmart effort, so, thank you to everyone for your help. Please help me congratulate the team in this momentous achievement. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Chris Thompson, GM, New York


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