#NatCon16 – Informed and Inspired

The National Council Conference or #NatCon16 offered a unique experience for each attendee.   There was much to see, learn and so many knowledgeable and talented people to meet.

Sunday morning in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, where to go first?  The Netsmart booth of course! It was all hands on deck, our Leadership, Marketing, IT, Client Org, Support, Engineering, RCM, and Consulting teams were busy making sure our booth was going to be ready to go for clients and partners (and prepping us with a booth training session).


collage-2016-03-07 (1)


I may be partial, however our booth ROCKED and was the talk of the Solutions Pavilion at #NatCon16!  As I was walking and talking to attendees, I heard it over and over…”What an amazing presentation!”, “Check out that booth!” “How long did it take to get that setup?”, “WOW!” “#Netsmartinis!!”

IMG_3226 IMG_3196

In addition to our physical attendance, our social presence played a large part.  Social efforts are key to successfully participating in conferences, it allows our associates, clients and partners to attend virtually and interact.

Thank you to all that participated in our social efforts at #NatCon16.  Due to your participation and posts, we were able to significantly boost our engagement and followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn .

The tweet below from @MichiganMarla was my favorite in the #NatCon16 feed…it speaks to the authenticity and heart of the #NatCon16 attendees.


The #NatCon16 sessions were excellent.  On the first night, they held a gathering for the “NewBees” in the “Hive” to welcome and give us all the scoop.  Sessions varied from technical, educational, political and inspirational, there was literally something for everyone!


Tom Herzog  tweeted after a session…his tweet (below) perfectly summarized my feelings on the entire conference…”informed and inspired”


I left #NatCon16 feeling informed about the challenges facing the behavioral health community and inspired about the difference we are making as a team, and the opportunity we have to continue to grow as the leader of innovation in healthcare IT.

We will see you at #NatCon17!

For even more on #NatCon16, read the NatCon16 Roundup from Behavioral Health Magazine

  • Liz Renteria, Sourcing Specialist #NTST

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2 thoughts on “#NatCon16 – Informed and Inspired”

  1. Liz, I wasn’t at NatCon this year, but feel like I was after reading your summary and seeing the pics! Great that Netsmart again plays such a large role at this major event. We’re seen as a leader and it shows in so many ways…our booth, expertise, professionalism and solutions that help providers with a path to success,


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