Last Minute Travel Tips

Last-minute business travel is costly, but what a difference one day can make in managing those costs.

On average, booking air travel seven or fewer days before a trip will cost on average 44% more than if it had been booked 15 days or more in advance. However, business travelers can cut this figure in half if they book just eight days in advance or more, resulting in fares that are just 22% more than booking 15 days in advance.

Here are some suggestions for booking travel: 

  • When booking last-minute travel, compare fares across regional airports. Oftentimes, employees can save by traveling to small and mid-sized airports. Be sure to take into account the location to determine if the airfare savings are greater than incremental spend on gas or car services.
  • Plan ahead to avoid traveling during summer months, if possible, when fares are at peak prices. This is especially good to keep in mind when booking large events and corporate meetings. Consider doing so during off-peak months to save on airfare.
  • Remember that the further out you book, the better it will be for the bottom line!

Safe and Happy Travel!

Jason Sportsman, Travel and Expense Manager


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