Netsmart FUTURES- Week Four

It was a busy week for our FUTURES! On Tuesday, they golfed, snacked and socialized with their mentors at Top Golf in Overland Park. They also spent Thursday at Ozanam for their first EDM Day, where they toured and assisted around the facility. This week, David, Tyler and Jake reflect on their fourth week as FUTURES.

Week 4
This week’s blog contributors, David Schmitt, Jake Stansbury and Tyler Johnston participate in an EDM Day at Ozanam on Thursday, June 30.

Tyler Johnston: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

Coming to Netsmart as a Delivery Analyst FUTURE I really had no idea what to expect.  That being said, as week number four comes to a close, I have been blown away.  Working with the consulting team has taught me so much, not only about Avatar, but about the behavioral health field in general.  I have developed a newfound respect for the work that is being done here, and the great people that make it happen.  It is relieving to know that most of our training is behind us.  As a Delivery Analyst we really hit the ground running but as a team we were able to learn so much about our solution, Avatar. We have learned how Netsmart’s solutions, such as Avatar, are helping our clients and the facilities they attend, such as Ozanam.

This week we also had the opportunity to enjoy an evening at Top Golf.  Being that there is a variety of FUTURES this year, it is hard to get everyone in one place, and Top Golf was the perfect spot.  It was a nice chance to really get to know the class and find out what different projects and teams everyone is working on.  Here is a picture of some of the FUTURES, Mentors and I getting ready to swing the club!

FUTURES and Mentors spend their afternoon engaging in some friendly competition at Top Golf in Overland Park, KS on Tuesday, June 28.

David Schmitt: Software Engineer FUTURE

It’s hard to believe it’s already been four weeks since I’ve started working at Netsmart! As a Software Engineer FUTURE with the POV team, I am developing a dashboard web application that will automatically gather and display data about assessments that clients are completing through our ReachingRecovery app. I’ve been learning a ton so far, but every day I feel more comfortable and confident about programming different parts of the dashboard.

Working at Netsmart this summer has been a blast so far. This is my very first internship experience, and I never imagined enjoying it as much as I do. I feel like I’m actually contributing to my team with the projects I’m working on, and every day that I step into the Solutionarium I’m excited to see how much I can accomplish. My team is very kind and easy to talk to, and I know they are ready to answer any question I have if I need help. The daily meeting that my team holds to discuss our progress definitely helps me recognize more of the big picture for what goes into developing solutions.

The Software Engineer FUTURES also have a weekly meeting to discuss the progress we are making on our projects. I like hearing about the variety of projects other FUTURES are working on, and it’s good to hear from the FUTURES in New York about what they are working on, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplishes in the next few weeks!

FUTURES work in the Ozanam greenhouse during their EDM Day on Thursday, June 3o.

Jake Stansbury: Finance FUTURE

Oh, what a busy week it has been. From working to Top Golf to EDM (Every Day Matters) Day, I have been having a full and fun week! To attempt to not be so repetitive I will just tell you about what we did on our Every Day Matters Day. With this being my second year as a Finance FUTURE at Netsmart, I have to say this EDM Day is one for the record books. For this EDM day we went to Ozanam to help out around their facilities and to learn from our client how Netsmart helps them in their daily lives. It was great to hear directly from clients about how Netsmart’s solutions and people have positively influenced their lives. Hearing from the client in-person helped me to be much more cause connected to what I am doing at Netsmart.

In addition to hearing from the clients about how Netsmart influences them, we helped around the facilities. Starting at about 9am until about 2pm (with a lunch break) we were working hard in two separate groups. One group was in the dorms painting walls and door frames. While the group I was in was outside working in the garden and greenhouse cleaning up the area, pulling weeds, organizing pots, moving rocks, and mulching. It was nice to be able to be outside working with my hands. I also really like to be able to help Ozanam clean up and improve their facilities to make their lives a little easier!

At the end of the day after we were done working we all played kickball with some of the kids staying at Ozanam. It was a beautiful day and so much fun to be able to play with the kids. Overall, I think the EDM Day at Ozanam was a success and I can’t wait for the next EDM Day planned!

A group of FUTURES and Netsmart’s new hire class participate in a kickball game with Ozanam residents during their EDM Day on Thursday, June 30.

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