Netsmart FUTURES- Week Five

This week marks the halfway point of our FUTURES program. We can’t believe how quickly our time with them is flying by and can’t wait to see what they accomplish over the next five weeks! This week, Dominik, Santosh and Reagan discuss their fifth week at Netsmart.

Dominik Haeflinger: Software Engineer FUTURE

The rest of the FUTURES and I have reached the midpoint of our summer here at Netsmart. The first half was very busy for me! With two projects completed, a bit of clerical work done, and a new project underway, I have learned an incredible amount. I’ve been working closely with a few of my co-workers on those projects and look forward to working with others as well throughout the next five weeks.

With the 4th of July on Monday, a new project starting on Tuesday, and the reality that we need to start working quickly on the FUTURES videos sinking in, the short week has gone by quickly with little downtime.

Although slow, I’m making progress on my current project and I know that there is already another one ready for me when I’m done with this one. With all the projects I still have left and helping with the videos for the FUTURES strut, I’m very excited for what is left and finding out how much more I can get done and learn in the last half of the summer.

Santosh Dandi: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

I am currently sitting at my kitchen table with only one thought in my mind. What happened in the last five weeks? Ever since I was given the opportunity to be a FUTURE at Netsmart, I haven’t stopped having fun. I have been constantly keeping myself busy, either training or enjoying what Kansas City has to offer. I’ve been truly blessed with the friends I’ve been able to make here. Friends I will never forget. There is really only one word I can use to describe my time here so far: adventure. That is what the Netsmart FUTURES program gave me, an adventure. In the next couple of paragraphs, I hope to give you a glimpse of my experience at Netsmart.

I have to be honest, starting out I was pretty nervous about this internship. I didn’t know what to expect. I really have to thank Ashley DeMond. She had the FUTURES get together on the first day and created an environment where I felt comfortable. I really enjoyed the Chick-fil-A that was provided, and it led to my first nickname, “fruit cup.” If you want the story on this, come talk to me. A couple days later, we had the kick-off party. My favorite memory here was the “talk to someone random every couple minutes” activity. This not only gave me the opportunity to introduce myself, but also to find out more about the people that are part of this awesome culture. I got to understand what it means to work at Netsmart. It was all about caring for people in any way, shape, or form. This is what I want to be part of.

Outside of Netsmart, the FUTURES have gotten together to do some exciting stuff, my favorite part was this past Monday. We decided to go watch the fireworks. The finale had me staring in awe. I am glad I got to share this with the FUTURES. My favorite part of everyday has been hanging out in the café at the end of the day trying to figure out what we were going to do that night. It usually ends up with us spending an hour in the café, not being able to make a decision. One of my most memorable memories is hanging out in a truck bed outside of Arby’s. We all went around and were able to share some great stories about each other.

I have spent so much time in Synergy C, that I now receive my mail here. Part of being a Delivery Analyst FUTURE, consists of training for five weeks. Week Three, we had PM training with Elaine, which I thought was challenging. I am the type of person that loves a challenge, so I found this to be very exciting. Week Four, we had a very fun training with Bradlee Ward. This week, we were given a choice between PM or CWS training. I was sad to see most of the new Consulting hires and a couple Consulting FUTURES head over to Synergy B. This meant that training was coming to an end. I’ve got to say, the Consulting FUTURES have been an awesome group to hang out with these past five weeks. I am looking forward to the next five weeks and hope they are as fun as the previous five.

Reagan Wood: Software Engineer FUTURE

This week marks the halfway point for the FUTURES program this summer. It is hard to believe that five weeks have already gone by! With work projects, numerous FUTURES activities, and lots of foosball, my time has been stretched thin. As a result, I would like to take the next few paragraphs to reflect on the first half of my Netsmart FUTURES experience and mention what I want to learn during the next five weeks.

Before starting as a FUTURE, I was excited and nervous about starting work. Excited because I knew I had so much to learn about software engineering, and also nervous because I wanted to rise to the challenge and succeed as a FUTURE. All school year I had been waiting for the chance to learn what real software development was like in the professional world, and I knew this experience would be a great opportunity to do just that.

My first few weeks as a FUTURE were great. I was placed on the myEvolv team. With a lot of work to do and meaningful projects, I was excited to get started. Things were tough at first, getting up to speed with the necessary information to be successful on my project was difficult. The good part was that my mentor, Brett Merriam, was always able to provide direction when I needed it. With his help, I was able to get going on my project and make some progress on it.

My project for the beginning of the summer was to integrate signing tablets into the myEvolv system. This would make it easier for clients to electronically sign documents, making their lives easier, and saving lots of paper in the process. The project has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of associates on the myEvolv team, and they have been nothing but helpful and supportive. I have learned so much about professional engineering, and what it means to be part of the Netsmart team!

Looking to the future, I want to keep learning more about software engineering and myEvolv. Additionally, I want to successfully complete my project within the next week and hopefully move on to other important things that need to be finished. My final goal for the summer is to beat my mentor in a game of foosball. Though many call him unbeatable, I have been learning his foosball weaknesses in an effort to exploit them and achieve a victory. All jokes aside, I’ve had a great time at Netsmart so far, and I look forward to another great five weeks!

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