Netsmart FUTURES- Week Seven

This week, our FUTURES participated in their second EDM Day, where they learned Mental Health First Aid. With the FUTURES Strut quickly approaching, they are also working hard to prepare for their presentations. This week, Joseph, Peter and William discuss their seventh week at Netsmart.


Joseph Giardina: Software Engineer FUTURE

WOW! I can’t believe we’re almost done. It seems kind of weird that in just a few short weeks this internship will be over. I am astonished how much I feel that I have acclimated to Netsmart in such a short amount of time. Netsmart has done an exceptional job of making me feel like a real employee and not just an intern.

Starting as a FUTURE I was a bit nervous to work in the real world outside of academia, and had a few goals set forth that were very important to me. My main goal was to experience working in a real company. I assumed it was likely much different from school, and I was right. I wanted to prove to myself that I can work in a company, as I feel like I never know enough and there is always more to know.

My secondary goal was to learn just learn basically anything and everything that I could. With the help of my amazing mentor, David Fann, and my assignment which challenged me by introducing many new and unfamiliar technologies I definitely feel I have done just that.

I just completed my personal project and am currently working on a group project that includes myself and 4 other interns. Since we are completely in charge it is teaching me a lot about software development, and how it may not always go as planned. But as a group we were able to band together as a team and despite challenges I feel that our project is still on track and going strong.

One thing that Netsmart does that I feel is extremely important is that the interns work on real projects and features that the company really uses, and not just some intern project that will never be used. This was super important for me as it made me feel as if I am a valued associate not just an intern.

This was greatly conveyed to me in our group project. We currently are working on an app to make scheduling conference rooms easier. Throughout our time here we have heard time and time again about how much different associates, including executives, are looking forward to using this application. This makes me feel that what I’m doing matters, and makes me want to work hard and do everything to the best of my ability.

This is exactly the type of experience I was hoping to get out of the summer. It’s going to be weird going back to school, this experience almost makes me feel as if I already graduated and am in the workforce. The Netsmart FUTURES internship has surpassed my expectations in almost every way. The people are great to work with, my mentor is amazing, my fellow FUTURES are great, and I’ve learned so much.


Peter Geiss: Software Engineer FUTURE

After a month and a half at Netsmart, I have to say I’m impressed with the environment. This is my second internship (my first one was not at Netsmart) so my experience is slightly different from some of the other FUTURES but I feel like I also have a better base of comparison. At my last internship, we were given a project and told to run with it. However, we didn’t build a perfect project seeing as we lacked oversight such as QA and I’m still not sure if our project was ever actually used. Here, we have proper guidance and structure, and our projects are actually integrated into the solutions Netsmart provides. Likewise, our teams actually interact with us and act as mentors rather than just throwing us into the deep end like they did at my last internship.

It’s the Great River (NY – Long Island) office’s first time having FUTURES and they’re taking it in stride. We’ve recently had our primary summertime event called Coding on the Beach where the SWEs (not just the FUTURES) had a day of work at Robert Moses Beach. Prior to this trip, our manager surprised us by sending us (just the FUTURES) on an afternoon at the beach to check where the best internet reception was. We have a couple more FUTURES events scheduled, like an EDM day in the Bronx and a scavenger hunt throughout NYC, so I’m excited to see how they will turn out.


William Givens: Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE

Working at Netsmart this summer has been great hands-on work experience. From day one I was working on projects that directly impacted clients and Netsmart. When a client decides to join the Netsmart family, new hardware is needed onsite to use our services. I have built, configured, and shipped over 30 routers and vpn appliances to client sites, enabling them to connect to our data center. I have also been doing a large amount of work inside Winchester Data Center. Having access to the Netsmart suite and the Allscripts suite I was able to complete several projects. I researched, configured, and installed remote console managers in both suites. These allow us to reach network devices even in the event of a catastrophic failure. On top of this I went through every piece of hardware in the data center and matched their network names to the asset tags, enabling easier communication between the network and facilities teams. This summer has granted me an abundance of new knowledge and experience that I will use throughout my entire career.


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