The Return of the FUTURES!

If you’ve been around the Netsmart campus this week, you might notice a few new and friendly faces! This week, we are very excited to welcome 33 students to our Overland Park, KS and Great River, NY campuses for our 10-week “FUTURES Experience” summer internship program. Of those 33, we have eight FUTURES returning for a second year! Check out why each of them is back for round two:

Bailey-Nathan_FUTURE-headshot_06052017“I am excited to be back at Netsmart this summer! The biggest reason I am excited to be back because, in the FUTURES program, your department gives you actual work to grow from instead of the busy work that many of my friends from college deal with. I also feel that everyone here is approachable to ask questions and are willing to help you no matter the issue. Overall, the program treats you like an associate rather than a temp and that culture rings home to me. I am happy to be welcomed back by so many that I worked with last summer!” – Nathan Bailey, Plexus Cloud FUTURE

I could list off so many reasons for coming back to Netsmart! First, and most importantly,Johnson-Michael_FUTURE-headshot_06052017 I was astonished at just how genuine everyone at the company is.  During my internship last year, never did I encounter a rude person and everyone was kind and willing to help.  Secondly, was the real world experience I was receiving.  Every single day after my training included hands-on projects that any other full-time associate could have also been doing.  Lastly, I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and social events that had been planned out for the FUTURES. It was great to go to Power Play, but equally as great to be able to volunteer at such places as Ozanam. – Michael Johnson, Consulting FUTURE

Michels-Tyler_FUTURE-headshot_06052017Coming back to Netsmart for the summer was quite an easy decision to make, and there are several components from last summer’s internship that contribute to this. Every associate that I worked with, from my mentor to executive management is absolutely incredible. Each one of them is so dedicated to their job and the mission that Netsmart has, and do a great job at making every associate feel part of the team. I loved the work that I did and the people that I worked with, and I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to rejoin the Netsmart team! – Tyler Michels, Plexus Cloud FUTURE

Last summer was my first internship in any capacity and by the end of the ten weeks, I TangneyCentor-Skyler_FUTURE-headshot_06052017felt like I had learned more in one summer than I had in all my years in the classroom.  I enjoyed how helpful everyone was and how everyone wanted to see me succeed. Everyone has always made me feel like part of the Netsmart family since day one. Skyler Tangney Centor, Engineering FUTURE

Protzman-Hannah_FUTURE-headshot_06052017I chose to come back to Netsmart this summer because of the progress that the company is making in the behavioral health field. Not only are Netsmart’s solutions directly helping clients in this field, but as a FUTURE, I am also given opportunities to volunteer and even get certified in Mental Health First Aid. These causes are important to me, and I am thankful that I work for a company who believes that they are important, as well. – Hannah Protzman, Engineering FUTURE

The decision to return to Netsmart is one I made not long after my first summer here Bush-Dalton_HRheadshot_06052017ended, and I am very grateful for that. I returned to Netsmart because of the people I work with and the tasks I complete on a daily basis. I think of the team I work with as a family and I enjoy every day coming into the office and working alongside them. The projects I complete throughout each week and truly enjoyable to me. Each day I get to work and learn about something new that I am passionate about. – Dalton Bush, Internal IT FUTURE

Erisman-Jordan_FUTURE-headshot_06052017After completing the internship program with Netsmart last summer, returning for another internship was an easy decision. Working on a project that was going to be utilized after I left was a unique opportunity that is not offered by many other companies. My team was extremely helpful with all of my questions and listened to any ideas that I brought to them. Some of my team members have already shown me the code that is still running from last summer. I am excited to be working on another great project! – Jordan Erisman, Engineering FUTURE

I am very happy to be returning to Netsmart this summer. A large appeal of the FUTURESGivens-William_FUTURE-headshot_06052017 program is the ability to do impactful work. In the few days of work so far this summer, I have already helped several clients and I’m currently working on many projects in the data center. I am looking forward to the rest of the summer and I hope all the new FUTURES take full advantage of this opportunity. – William Givens, Plexus Cloud FUTURE

Follow the journey of our FUTURES on NetsmartLife each Friday this summer. Click here to follow the series.

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