#FUTURES17 – WEEK 3 – School Spirit!

Week three of our 2017 FUTURES program has wrapped up and we’re chugging along, picking up some great experiences along the way!

Group Photo Cropped
Adam, Tyler, Dalton

Our FUTURES hail from colleges and universities across the country, bringing their unique experiences with them. This week, join Engineering FUTURE Adam Shurson, Plexus Cloud FUTURE Dalton Handel and Engineering FUTURE Tyler Fenton as they discuss their college experiences from Iowa State University and how it’s impacting their professional experience at Netsmart.

Adam Shurson – Engineering FUTURE

One of the best parts about being a FUTURE here at Netsmart is making connections between what you learn at university and applying them to real-world solutions. You’re not a coffee-fetcher (besides for yourself, which could be an entire blog post). You’re not working on a made up project to be swept under the carpet when you leave. You are working on a project that has measureable value to the company.

Adam Shurson 1

I am an incoming senior at Iowa State University, where I partake in a few clubs. I’m most involved in the Run Club, which travels all over the Midwest to compete in both club and NCAA-level cross country and track events. In my short time at Netsmart, I have already noticed how passionate other associates are about everyone else’s pastimes – whether or not they are interested in the same ones.

Not only do you get to contribute to real-world solutions, you are spoiled with a wonderful corporate structure. I have previously held healthcare internships where I would be absolutely deer-in-the-headlights scared to even cross paths with anyone in the upper echelon of the company.

It couldn’t be more flipped here at Netsmart. I’m still surprised to find out that somebody who stopped me in the hall to ask how my day was going is somebody that I would have been frightened to talk to had it been at another company. It’s very similar to the friendly professor-student atmosphere at my university.

Adam Shurson 2

At school it’s very easy to bond with other students as you unite around a mascot, a game, or a test that just turned your brain into mush. Here at Netsmart, it’s not much different. Netsmart is so passionate about their work that it makes it easy to have conversations with people whom I have never met before.

I’m so excited to be a part of the NTST family, and want to thank everyone who has made Netsmart feel like home to me and all of the other FUTURES here!

Dalton Handel – Plexus Cloud FUTURE

I study Computer Engineering Iowa State University. It is a hybrid major between Electrical and Software Engineering. This has allowed me to study things like electronic circuits, computer architecture, low level and high level programming. As a Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE, I have been given the opportunity to apply my studies in a Cause Connected way. Working on the automation team, I get to use my programming skills and knowledge of systems architecture. I find it very rewarding knowing that the work I am doing is not only helping people do their jobs easier, but is making lasting positive changes in people’s lives.

Amongst everything I have learned in school, I have already learned a great deal at Netsmart! After having a few weeks to assimilate into the wonderful culture, I have already realized many similarities to Cyclone Nation. This starts at work every day when I’m greeted by a positive welcoming atmosphere. I’m constantly being encouraged to learn and grow, and everyone is always so willing to help along the way. These things were major keys in my decision to attend Iowa State, and that doubles for Netsmart. I’m looking forward to growing even more in this environment and taking back everything I learn this summer to help make EveryDayMatter at Iowa State.

Tyler Fenton – Engineering FUTURE

Tyler - Pembrokeshire Coast

Netsmart and my experience at university have been very similar. At both Iowa State University and the University of Exeter, which is where I studied on exchange, I’ve noticed that everyone is very proud to be at the university they go to. At Netsmart, I haven’t found a single person that doesn’t absolutely love the job they come to every day, myself included. Wherever I go, there is some sort of deep pride in the people who surround me.

The things I’ve been able to learn through ISU have never stopped interesting me. Despite this, I’ve found it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and what I should do with all of this knowledge I’ve acquired through the last three years of studying Computer Science. Even though I’ve spent just three short weeks at Netsmart thus far, I’ve noticed how necessary my experience here is to growing into a stronger Software Engineer.

Tyler - Atop Peak in Peak District

My experience at Iowa State isn’t just a one-way relationship with Netsmart. In fact, the relationship is far more synergistic than I expected it to be. I’m already learning things that I can see to be useful in my final semesters at ISU. I’m becoming more comfortable with learning brand new development methods and design techniques.

Everyone I’ve encountered is so proud to be working here. Every day I’ve noticed how passionate about making this world a better place for our clients and their clients all while growing themselves. It’s a passion I see in many of my fellow students at ISU. We’re all committed to learning how to be our best self and contribute in our unique way.

Without the adventure I chose at Iowa State, I don’t think I would be the person I am today. There’s no way I would have gotten a position with Netsmart if it weren’t for Iowa State. Without my experience at Netsmart, I wouldn’t be the engineer I am today.

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