#FUTURES17 – WEEK 7 – Behind the Scenes

#FUTRES17 – Week 7 – Behind the Scenes

At Netsmart, we are proud to create technology that helps improves the daily operations across the healthcare spectrum. We put our heart and soul into creating solutions that improve the lives of individuals everywhere. Our family of talented individuals work hard day in and day out to help make it all happen. It truly takes a team effort and our associates are the best!

Software Engineering FUTURE Hannah Protzman, Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE Tyler Michels, Internal IT FUTURE Dalton Bush and Consulting FUTURE Graham Wood reveal a glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes at Netsmart!

Hannah Protzman – Software Engineering FUTURE

One of my favorite things about my internship here at Netsmart has     been getting to see what behind the scenes work is done to make a company successful. I have learned that there is an endless amount of moving pieces that must come together to make a business work well. I have also learned that most of these moving pieces are not seen by the end user.

I am a software engineering FUTURE, and this summer, I have had the privilege of working on the CarePOV team with several other engineering associates. The team aims to develop applications that helps clients review the effectiveness of the services they provide. The applications that this team develops are in addition to the electronic health records that Netsmart provides. Some of the apps that CarePOV provides are Reaching Recovery, CareConnect Inbox, Kiosk, and many more.

So the end product that our clients get to see is an easy-to-use, professional application that runs seamlessly on their desktop, phone, tablet or any other device. But what work is actually done behind the scenes to get to this point?

The CarePOV team consists of about 10 software engineers who all work on different projects, some individually and some in small groups. Every day, we have a standup meeting, where each person has the opportunity to explain what they have been working on recently and ask any questions they might have to the other engineers. As any software engineer will tell you, the job involves a lot of coding. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Typescript are a few of the many programming languages that are used on the team to get the apps up and running. Each and every person that I have gotten to work with not only codes in these languages very efficiently, but they also have a deep understanding of web applications, user experience and computers themselves, which make them excel at their jobs.

Most people would tell you that working behind a computer all day might not sound very appealing. But for a software engineer, it is the dream job. And if it weren’t for the hard work of all of our software engineers at Netsmart, our solutions wouldn’t run correctly and our clients wouldn’t be able to provide the quality care they are known for. It is because of their dedication, expertise and skill that this company is as successful as it is, and I am thankful to have been able to see the behind the scenes work that makes so much of that possible.

Tyler Michels – Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE

Information security at Netsmart is incredibly important, and if the information that we handle fell into the wrong hands, it would be a major problem. The networking teams are an essential part to the products that Netsmart provides, and without a strong and secure network infrastructure, even the best of applications would struggle to prove useful. The network security team focuses on the security of the information that we handle and the systems that are involved in keeping things safe. Working with this incredible team over the summer has given me the opportunity to greatly increase my knowledge of security, and see just how much work there is to be done.

My main job that I have been assigned over the summer has been to audit all of the devices that we currently have in production and make sure that they are configured securely. This has given me a chance to work with a variety of different teams to coordinate the changes that are needed to be made to ensure that these devices were locked down tight. This has been another great summer working with the network security team, and has given me a chance to see all the great work that is done every day by the people around me.

Dalton Bush – Internal IT FUTURE

As the internal IT FUTURE, I spend most of my time working behind the scenes. We as a department work to support our associates so they can successfully help our clients. Besides the people that I work with, my favorite part of being at Netsmart is coming into the office every day not being exactly sure what the day may hold for me. I think this is great because it provides diversity in my day and allows me to feel the sense of accomplishment that I am helping our associates to make a difference. Throughout the summer, I’ve been able to help a varying number of our associates. For those that I have had the opportunity to work with, I would like to thank you. In order for me to gain experience in my degree field, engagement and working on real world problems is the best way.

As a returning FUTURE, I was able to start the summer quickly as I had prior knowledge of how things within the department ran. This allows me to jump into bigger projects with my team and really expand my knowledge base even further. The first day I arrived at Netsmart, I was given a project to provide all of our FUTURES and incoming new hires with user accounts and new laptops to use as associates. After completing this, I assisted in a project to set up our newly acquired 4900 building at the Overland Park, KS office. This past school year, I took a networking class and this project was the perfect opportunity to put my new knowledge to work as we set up the network for the new building. I was able to mount our networking switches, power and configure the switches, and assist in the mounting of our wireless access points throughout the building. To me, this is very valuable knowledge as not many college students can say they’ve worked on designing an entire network for an office.

The past few weeks, I’ve been working with my mentor Jake Vandiggelen on leased laptop replacements. This entails replacing a large number of associate’s laptops with a brand new device. As I do this, I not only get to excite our associates with a new device, but I feel as though I am helping them to make a difference with a faster device. I’m looking forward to more projects this summer and in returning summers that allow me to assist behind the scenes at Netsmart so that we can all make a difference.

Graham Wood – Consulting FUTURE

When you think of a consultant you may just think of someone that talks to clients all day and help them with their problems. However, behind the scenes, consultants at Netsmart come in many different forms and do so much more. I am very lucky to have received the opportunity be a part of the CareGuidance team at Netsmart for the summer as part of the FUTURES program. The CareGuidance team works with the implementation of several components of the CareFabric solutions such as KPI Dashboards, CareConnect, myHealthPointe, and OrderConnect amongst several others.

The work that CareGuidance does impacts our clients by providing and implementing solutions that streamline the work that they do. Our solutions also help our clients meet meaningful use measures which helps them receive more money for the work that they do. When our clients’ jobs are streamlined and they receive more money for the work that they do, they are able to focus more on their clients and provide them better care.

Most of my summer I have had the opportunity to work with key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards, creating an add-on that offers benchmarking functionality. KPI dashboards provide our clients with accurate and on demand data analytics so they can track how their organization is performing in a broad amount of ways. The KPI benchmarking functionality will create a relative scale for our clients to compare their data pool by averaging the performance of all Netsmart clients to create a type of industry average. The benchmarking tab compares a client on seven key measures covering the operational and financial sides of a client and gives them information on how well they perform relatively. All data is pulled from a user’s respected myAvatar client so data is accurate, timely and compared anonymously.

My work, as a consultant, on this project has consisted of assisting with the design and functionality of KPI benchmarking as well as testing of functionality, documentation, and client interaction. In order to roll additional functionality out to clients, we ensure proper and thorough documentation is completed so we can develop the right tools for measurement and to assist the client in fully understanding how and why they would use KPI benchmarking.

My work has also consisted of presenting to clients on KPI benchmarking onsite. I recently had the privilege to visit Cornerstones of Care and present to them on KPI benchmarking and all the benefits that will come along with it. Being able to see the impact that your work is having on a client and the difference it will make to the lives of their clients is really what being a consultant is about on the CareGuidance team

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