#FUTURES17 – Week 8 – Supporting Change with Netsmart

Every day, new breakthroughs in technology occur, and it can be tough for healthcare providers to stay up-to-date with modern systems and solutions. Netsmart helps healthcare providers by developing innovative solutions that are HIPAA certified and compliant. The solutions that we offer provide great value to our clients and partners and we are excited to work with them as they embark on journeys of embracing new solutions and products. Implementing this technology can be challenging in the short-term because you are changing the way you access information. But in the long-term, the benefits far outweigh any bumps along the way.

Our #FUTURES17 share some tips for organizations who may be nervous about change:

  1. Trust Netsmart to Provide Solutions that Contribute to Compliance and Security.

Aaron Fox

Staying HIPPA compliant when implementing a health IT solution is a common concern. However, implementing a solution to automate compliance can alleviate any worries! Old physical forms and documentation can now be completed electronically which eliminates the concern of an HIPPA violation due to lost or stolen paperwork. Health records can be password protected and only assigned to authorized users, adding layers of security. Trusting us to provide secure, compliant solutions is essential when making the move into the digital world.

Aaron Fox (Consulting FUTURE)

  1. Trust and Communicate with your Netsmart Team.

Jessica Jones

Dealing with change is difficult. Often times it is tempting to hold on to past habits, solutions, and workflows. In order for solution implementation to be successful, it is important to wholly trust and communicate with your Netsmart team. You can do this by ensuring two-way communication about things like timelines and expectations.  By establishing trust and good communication habits, we will be able to work with you to smoothly and efficiently implement a solution that will ultimately improve your healthcare system.

Jessica Jones (Consulting FUTURE)

  1. View the Change as an Investment.

Hannah WardIt takes time, effort and resources to implement a technology solution. My tip to you is to view these costs as an investment in yourself. To invest in something is to devote one’s time, effort or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. Your workflows will be more efficient, your records more accurate and it will be easier to communicate data. As you go through the initial stages of implementation, keep these benefits in mind. Remember that the time and energy you are putting into implementation will reap benefits for your organization for years to come.

Hannah Ward (Consulting FUTURE)

  1. Align Change with Your Mission.

Charlie JohnsonBusiness decisions should make an organization better. Whether it is a decision to hire a new associate, acquire a new company or implement a Netsmart solution, every decision should align with the organization’s mission. A mission describes the “why,” or the purpose of an organization. When you decide to partner with Netsmart, you are putting trust in us to ensure that our solutions help achieve your mission. It can be hard to keep this at the forefront when new technology is introduced and workflows are being changed. But keep in mind your long-term goals by focusing on your organization’s mission.

Charlie Johnson (Consulting FUTURE)

  1. Become Family.

Don’t be just a client, be a part of our family! Join the Netsmart community and find us at events, webinars and on social media!  We want more than just a business relationship. We want a lifetime partnership.


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