#FUTURES17 – WEEK 10 – Summer Wrap-Up

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and we can’t believe how quickly it has zoomed by! Our 2017 FUTURES class has worked diligently over the last 10 weeks, working directly with our associates and client partners as we work to provide top-notch electronic health record solutions to providers in behavioral health, social services and post-acute communities.

Our FUTURES program has provided opportunities for learning and development to many young and talented college individuals as they dive into real-world work experience. Many FUTURES return as full-time Netsmart associates while others pursue other professional endeavors. No matter where their road leads, we are proud to have been part of their professional journey and appreciate the effort they put forth when they spend their time with us.

Join Engineering FUTURE Adan Rutiaga, Consulting FUTURE Michael Johnson, and Learning & Development FUTURE Jocelin McGovern as they take some time to summarize and reflect on their summer experience as a Netsmart FUTURE.

Adan Rutiaga – Engineering FUTURE

Coming into the FUTURES program, I was worried about whether I would be ready for any challenges that came my way. I was unsure as to what this summer would demand. Upon arriving here, I realized there was so much that I did not know, but that I was surrounded by a support group that would assist me in any way I needed. Having Ashley D. from Human Resources be the first face I saw at the apartments we all stayed at was the perfect way to start. She made me feel acknowledged and recognized as an individual, setting up the perfect tone for the rest of the summer.

At work, my mentor, Brett M., was imperative to my success this summer. He made me feel extremely welcomed and we immediately established a connection based on trust. He knew how to tread the balance between helping me and allowing me to struggle through my issues. However, I always knew that he wanted me to succeed. I was not afraid to ask him any questions and he was always willing to provide guidance

Besides my mentor, my fellow FUTURES were also essential to my wonderful summer. I was not expecting to get as close with them as I did. Having most of us live in great proximity of each other helped facilitate any activities we wanted to do. From “Sunday Family Game Night,” to “Thursday Cheese Sticks,” we were able to bond in so many ways. We always had someone that would be interested in any activity we wanted to pursue. Seeing each other both in and out of work allowed us to get close extremely quickly. This was a closeness that was infectious and visible to those who interacted with us.

By having great bonds between us, we were able to excel in the workplace. We were not afraid to provide each other with constructive criticism, especially when it came to the 2017 FUTURES Strut (our capstone project presentation). We would work amongst our groups in order to provide a cohesive narrative at the strut. This could be as simple as just staying after run-throughs to listen to one group practice their presentation and help them make any necessary edits. I believe that all the work paid off and resulted in an extremely well-orchestrated presentation.

Overall, every element of this summer was excellent. There were so many opportunities for personal and professional growth. Not only among the FUTURES, but even with those running the program. Everyone was willing to provide feedback and help. All of these elements worked together to make the 2017 FUTURES program successful.

Michael Johnson – Consulting FUTURE

The most fitting way to start is by stating just how fast my entire FUTURES experience has gone by. It seems like yesterday when I first stepped into the 4950 lobby last summer to undergo my rounds of interviews. Here I am a year and a half later, feeling very much a part of the Netsmart family.

To wrap up this summer into a few paragraphs is difficult. All the FUTURES became more close-knit than any of the FUTURES in years previous, and have made (in my opinion) the most positive impact on Netsmart. That is in part by having a more collaborative FUTURES program structure, which should absolutely continue in years to come.

There were so many fun and exciting activities and great learning experiences that happened this summer. Whether it be shanking a golf ball at Top Golf or learning how to load data into QlikView, the past 10 weeks were ones for the books. I cannot wait to see where my “FUTURE” lies in regards to continuing on my professional career with Netsmart.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made my Netsmart summers amazing!

Jocelin McGovern – Learning & Development FUTURE

This summer has been a period of extreme growth. When I first learned that the FUTURES program is based in Kansas City, I was unsure of what to expect. Prior to this program, I had never been to the Midwest and had never spent a summer anywhere but New York. I did not know what to expect and questioned whether or not I should go through with this experience. As I reflect on my time here at Netsmart, I am pleased to say that this summer has been one of the most productive and fulfilling summers yet and I owe that all to the FUTURES program and the people I have met here along the way.

I distinctly remember my first day here at Netsmart. It was a long day of training and learning things about the company and its solutions. That evening, I left the office feeling tired yet I also felt a distinct sense of excitement for what laid ahead. I could already tell that the culture and atmosphere that exists here at Netsmart was going to make the program incredible – and it did! This summer, I made lasting relationships with other FUTURES – some of which I expect to be lifelong. I learned a lot about the solutions offered at Netsmart and felt so grateful to be a part of a company that values mental and behavioral health. The respect that Netsmart has for these things made me incredibly appreciative to be here and has contributed greatly to my desire to remain with the company if given the opportunity to do so.

This summer was unlike any other summer I have ever experienced and surpassed my expectations greatly. I came to Kansas completely unsure of what to expect and wondered how I would fit in. The FUTURES program provided me with a platform to discover many things about myself and helped me shape my career goals in very positive ways. I will never forget my time here as a FUTURE and am eternally grateful for those who contributed to making the summer so amazing for us as FUTURES!


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