#FUTURES17 Put Skills to the Test for KPI Benchmarking

Our FUTURES work hard over the summer. We don’t expect them to get coffee and run errands – we put their skills and knowledge to work on live projects that make our solutions better for those who use them. FUTURES get the chance to work directly with the tools and resources our teams use every day as well as the chance to work with our wonderful clients.

Although our 2017 FUTURES program may be wrapped up for the summer, their impact will last at Netsmart. A perfect example rests in the development of a KPI Benchmarking solution developed by Consulting FUTURES Graham Wood and Michael Johnson and Engineering FUTURES Jordan Erisman and Braden Schroeder for our partners at Cornerstones of Care.

As the summer approached and our teams were considering projects for our FUTURES, an opportunity arose that not only introduced FUTURES to new technology, but it also would go on to provide them with a project that would go from development to execution during the summer. The project introduced new key performance indicator (KPI) functionality that has been anticipated for some time. Cornerstones of Care agreed to partner with our FUTURES as they worked on the solution.

KPIs are important to help an organization stay on track of goals and aligning performance to meet them. The challenge for many organizations is having all of the right resources available to regularly set and monitor KPI benchmarks. This is where the FUTURES team stepped in.

“Benchmarking with peers is an exercise Cornerstones of Care has been involved in for a number of years, but never from within our EHR,” said Justin Horton, Cornerstones of Care’s electronic health record director.

Eight weeks from the project kickoff, the team was able to develop a benchmarking add-on for the existing Netsmart KPI Dashboards. KPI Benchmarking takes seven measurable attributes from the myAvatar KPI Dashboard and compares an organization’s results to all other clients on the same KPI Dashboard solution. From there, users can see a statistical breakdown and comparison of where they rank among other EHR users in the following areas:

  1. Average Access to Treatment
  2. Average Length of Stay
  3. Readmission Rates
  4. Average Days to Document a Service
  5. Average Days from Document to Claim
  6. Average Days from Close to Claim
  7. Average Days in Accounts Receivable

To make it all happen, the team of four worked on a variety of tasks including crafting and creating client materials, coding, data processing and more, in order to effectively design and implement a solution that met a client’s needs.

“It is helpful to have an EHR that is inclusive of dashboards and benchmarking so you can analyze data collected within your programs and then compare it to like-minded industry peers. It is all about learning and continuing to evolve and do better for our clients and communities,” said Horton.

As the project came to a close, the FUTURES attended the go-live event to help celebrate the launch of the new KPI Benchmarking feature at Cornerstones of Care. The team all agreed that it was a great opportunity to learn new skills and help improve our client experience simultaneously.

“I was nervous leading up to the meeting, but the people at Cornerstones of Care were easygoing, and we were prepared for any questions that they may have had,” said Jordan Erisman. “It is an amazing feeling to see my work currently being utilized at Netsmart. Most of the code that I write in school is quickly forgotten and never used again. It is truly an honor knowing this will be used to improve the lives of those who receive care from our clients.”

“I could not have asked for a better project to be a part of during this internship,” said Graham Wood. “Being able to build something that creates added value to clients and see it all the way through to implementation, while also creating additional revenue, made the Netsmart FUTURES program really fulfilling to me.”

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