Volunteering and Giving Back in Santa Clara County

At Netsmart, we understand the value and importance of giving back to our communities. Whether it’s our time or skills, we encourage our associates to get out and support organizations and activities that help enhance and serve the areas in which we live.

Every day truly matters to the 13 percent of children living in poverty and the 19,000 adults and youth that are homeless in Santa Clara County (California). Our associates decided it was their turn to jump in and make a difference to help these individuals in their local area.

Netsmart associates in San Jose spent a day volunteering with a local organization, The Health Trust. Founded in 1996, The Health Trust works to provide healthy eating, healthy aging and healthy living options to the thousands of impoverished, homeless and underprivileged families in San Jose. The organization strives to improve the lives of so many in the city of innovation.

One morning, our associates spent hours pulling food items from storage, sorting goods, stocking shelves and packaging items to become the ultimate grocery set-up team!

The grocery area at the Health Trust is a crucial resource for individuals utilizing other Health Trust resources such as their Family Resource Center, AIDS Services, and as well as serving as the foundation for the trust‘s Healthy Eating Initiative. We are so proud of our team for using their own hands to create change, build awareness and make memories!

Click here to check out a great video collage of the time our associates spent at The Health Trust!

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