Life At Netsmart: Making It Matter



Why do some people bounce out of bed eager to start their work day, while others hit snooze five times, wishing it was the weekend?

Our revenue-cycle management team celebrates in 2017!

According to a recent article, a big reason people feel excited to work is they find meaning from their work as much as they take meaning from it. The happiest people look for ways their job is helping others. Simply put, those happiest in their jobs can define why their job matters.

At Netsmart, our leaders often challenge us to discover why we chose Netsmart. They ask us to go beyond the obvious – to have a job – and to pinpoint how our role contributes to a larger purpose and helps others. Because when we do that, our work becomes more meaningful – which leads to more drive and satisfaction.

“We have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of people everywhere.”

– CEO Mike Valentine

When asked why her job matters, Sun Jang, software architect, said, “When I realize the solutions we build help physicians and nurses enhance their daily workflow, so they can help more patients, I feel pride in my work and Netsmart.”

Michele Black, a support representative in our Great River, New York office said, “I’m not just a customer support technician, servicing a software product. I help others behind the scenes. It is my responsibility to arm our clients with tools they need to provide the best care possible to the people they serve.”

Associates strive to make “EveryDayMatter” not only in their individual roles but also in their communities. Every year, associates are given two days to volunteer. “It’s fantastic that our organization understands the importance of giving back to our communities and that we are encouraged to do so,” said Courtney Howell-McAnelly, corporate communications specialist. “To be able to give my time and abilities to help others in need is a reminder of the positive impact I can make in my community.”

San Jose, CA associates volunteer at Second Harvest food bank.

Another way associates can make a difference is by becoming certified in Mental Health First Aid , a national program that teaches skills to recognize and respond to the signs of mental illness. “People come away from the training knowing how to support others who may be experiencing a mental health issue and can apply what they learned to real-life situations,” said Julie Hiett, practice director and Mental Health First Aid trainer.

Netsmart associates and Mental Health First Aid trainers Tricia Zerger and Julie Hiett.

Associates find connection with mental health first aid because of our company’s origin. We began 50 years ago by supporting the behavioral health and addiction treatment industry with technology solutions, and today, serve more than 500 behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations.

Not only do Netsmart associates stay “cause connected” – part of our mission mantra – they also love to have fun. After all, a little fun on the job is a great way to enjoy time with those you work with every day. “I love participating in the Kansas City Corporate Challenge,” said David King, a client support manager. “I have the same competitive mindset from when I played youth sports, so it’s fun to see my company win events and be recognized in Kansas City.”

The 2017 Netsmart KC Corporate Challenge Volleyball Teams

Mentoring others is something Netsmart associates also enjoy. Each year a group of software engineers spend time with college students who are aspiring to be programmers. Earlier this year, they visited Stony Brook University in New York for an all-day ‘Health Hackathon.’

Netsmart sponsored a health hackathon at Stony Brook University in New York.

From donation drives and awareness campaigns, to office potlucks and foosball competitions, associates make time to make a difference, and have fun in and out of the office.

As CEO Mike Valentine says, “We have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of people everywhere. At Netsmart, we believe EveryDayMatters for our associates, our clients and our communities.”

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