Netsmart Superheroes Shine in a Client-Focused Hackathon

Netsmart associates work hard every day to bring the best service and support to our clients across the country. Our teams work together to make sure that our clients and partners have everything they need to run smoothly and jump in to help when a problem arises. When you think about it, they’re our personal superheroes, working on the front lines to save the day for our clients!

Our superheroes in San Jose, Calif., put their powers to the test during a recent hackathon completely dedicated to and focused on client support. Groups of associates were assembled from different client-facing roles, giving them a complete look into a client’s experience with Netsmart. Each team tackled a task from a variety of categories that primarily focused on user experience details, creating solutions that potentially could be integrated into later iterations of Netsmart solutions.

“Client satisfaction is top-priority with us which is why we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to provide support,” said Jason Silva, QA engineer. “Whether it’s a small detail in operation or a larger functionality experience, whenever we can implement feedback from our clients to improve their experience, we certainly want to explore the possibilities.”

To add more fun to the day, teams were posed with additional challenges that tested their skills in other areas such as push-ups, scavenger hunt, trivia and more. Teams that won earned extra points while losing teams playfully wore birthday hats or balloon on their wrists for the remainder of the workday.

“Overall, the day was a super day for us to have a little fun while continuing to work for our clients,” said Manoj Maharjan, senior software engineer. “Our teams had a terrific opportunity to use their knowledge and insight as well as add some creativity to solving challenges that some of our clients may experience. We’re hoping that this experience allows us to continue to push the boundaries in providing the best service and solutions possible.”

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