Netsmart Gets a H@ndle On the #10YearChallenge

If you’ve been scrolling through social media news feeds over the past few weeks, you’ve likely stumbled across the “10-Year Challenge.” Many users, including celebrities, have taken to their favorite social platforms to post side-by-side photo comparisons displaying a 10-year difference and the hashtag #10YearChallenge.

In an effort to keep our social feed “on point” and show our appreciation to longstanding associates, we brought the 10-Year Challenge to Netsmart! We’re fortunate to have nearly 400 associates who have graciously contributed 10 or more years of service.  Over the past decade, their combined efforts helped forge advances in healthcare technology that have revolutionized the care our clients deliver.

We’d like to thank each of them for their continued dedication to our mission, vision and values. Below is the Netsmart associate version of the #10YearChallenge. Keep scrolling to discover what continues to fuel their drive and dedication to the communities we serve.


“You can work in development in any industry, but healthcare development allows you to support clinicians and their mission to improve a person’s overall health.” – Daniel Clem, Manager, Engineer


 “I love the people and long-lasting friendships I’ve formed over the years, both at work and among clients. Memories to last a lifetime.” – April McClure, Centered Client Alignment Representative


“I’ve worked in healthcare nearly my entire professional career. While I enjoy knowing what we do helps others, the best part of working at Netsmart is all of the great people that I’ve worked with over the years.” – Bill Houghtalen, Lead Solution Architect


“I really enjoy working with pharmacists to improve their work experience and capabilities using software.” – Bill King, Solutions Strategist



“My career in healthcare has been challenging, fulfilling and informative! Working with clients nationwide has been one of my best experiences. The knowledge I’ve gained about our communities has not only assisted my career, but also prepared me for events with my family. Working in healthcare is where it’s at!” – Deb Davis, Delivery Consultant


“Working in healthcare IT and for Netsmart has given me the irreplaceable pleasure of knowing what we do matters. Our efforts expand beyond our clients to reach the people they serve, the patients. It’s a great feeling.” – Bill Schulhoff, Manager, Methadone Systems


“It’s been exciting to be part of an industry that is ever-changing and constantly growing.” – Evan Euliss, Manager, Engineering




“Even after 15 years, I still love hearing the joy in a client’s voice after we resolve a problem and ‘save the day.’ Nothing feels better than knowing you made such an impact in someone’s daily life.” – Bryan Crockett, Team Lead – Technical Solutions


“As a Netsmart associate for over 20 years, I continue to feel privileged to assist our clients in their efforts to help so many others.” – Kevin Murphy, Manager, Engineering


“Before moving into IT, most of my career was spent in the business sector. Today, I enjoy working as part of a team and the satisfaction of knowing our collective efforts make the lives of our clients easier.” – Karen Blain, Business Analyst


“In my almost 20 years of working in healthcare IT, I’ve spent 15 years supporting our sales organization. I feel fortunate to work alongside such amazing people every day. They aren’t just my associates, but my second family and close friends! I look forward to many more years with Netsmart!” – Hilary Taylor, Solutions Pricing Strategist


“In my time at Netsmart, I’ve enjoyed being part of a true team effort focused on the positive impact our solutions can make for real people. It’s inspiring to realize we can impact the challenges they face every day.” – Adam Arscott, Senior QA Engineer


“Our clients are real people that sacrifice every day as they care for those in need. Knowing our work at Netsmart plays an integral role in assisting those efforts is incredibly gratifying. I thoroughly enjoy working alongside our clients and associates to maximize the results our solutions provide.” – John Henick, Senior Application Specialist


“I enjoy working in an ever-changing industry that offers support to many individuals in need. There are always new challenges to work through and solve.” – Jason Hoy, Managing, Software Architect


“Over the last 12 years, I have worked alongside many different associates on the TIER Support team. I enjoyed welcoming, training and witnessing the growth of our new associates. Many have gone on to become trainers, analysts, developers and even DBAs. Like a parent to a child, I am proud to see and share in their success.” – Kelly Currie, Manager, Solution Support


“I’ve really enjoyed working in healthcare IT, specifically on the billing side. We’re helping our clients deliver services to those in need by helping them to do their jobs more efficiently. I’ve witnessed the difference technology has made for our client agencies, and it amazes me how far we’ve come over the years!” – Linda Vokoun, Solution Architect


“Working for an innovative healthcare IT company has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. I value knowing the work we do directly impacts the quality of care our clients deliver. While caring for my mother in her older years, I personally witnessed the impact of our work when she transitioned into a skilled nursing facility as her Alzheimer’s progressed. My initial passion for the aging population has expanded to encompass all of human services.” – Mary Corum, Contract Financial Analyst


“I love my job in healthcare IT. At Netsmart, no day is ever the same. I am continually presented with new challenges and situations that keep me engaged, focused and interested. The t-shirts are pretty cool too.” – Patrick Gamet, Program Manager


Creating software that enables our users to optimize patient care and outcomes is something I’m very passionate about. Netsmart has a fun and exciting environment that has allowed me to work closely with amazing people who share similar passions and goals.” – Mark Yarian, Senior Manager, Engineering


“The Netsmart community has the absolute best people. Over the years, I have met so many wonderful clients and associates that I am fortunate to now call friends.” – Pattie Naumoff, Manager, CALPM Support


“Over the past 10 years, I’ve continued to learn and expand my knowledge base. What I enjoy most about working in healthcare IT is knowing what we do truly matters to the clients we serve.” – Peter Merna, Strategic Operations Lead


“As I reflect back on the past 20 years, Netsmart’s desire to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry hasn’t wavered. Together we’ve persevered through challenges, and are all the better for it. The associates and clients at Netsmart have been every bit as passionate, caring, smart and driven since my very first day.” – Robert Guy, Senior Software Engineer


“I enjoy working with our clients and sharing my knowledge to help them understand the software. I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve helped someone solve a problem. After working in support for over 40 years, I have made lots of friends – clients and associates alike.” – Sharon Poole, Solutions Support Analyst II


“What I love most about working at Netsmart and in healthcare IT is the same thing – the people. I work with great associates and we help amazing clients deliver exceptional care.” – Stephen Aleksza, Director, Product Management



“During my 25 years at Netsmart, I’ve enjoyed the continuation of learning opportunities from different associates and teams I’ve worked alongside. I’m fortunate to work with dedicated, hard-working individuals that make you feel like family!” – Shelley Davidson, Technical Project Manager


“Netsmart is a great company with exceptional associates! Furthering my career with Netsmart has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. In my 10 plus years in the industry, I’ve learned that empathy and compassion are just as important as efficiency and productivity.” – Tracy Zittle, Solution Support Analyst II


“Netsmart is a great organization to be part of. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the continual dedication to improving the care our clients deliver. I’m proud to have contributed to these efforts. Netsmart is a rare organization that sincerely believes associates matter by caring and supporting them in ways I have not seen many other organizations do. It’s been a pleasure to be part of the Netsmart family.” – Will Cardenas, Software Architect, R&D Innovations


“My career in healthcare IT has focused on supporting the homecare software industry.  Over the years, I’ve participate in and witness a wide variety of technology changes that have streamlined usability and the care our clients deliver. I can truly say the journey has been exciting and full of innovative developments. I feel fortunate that we’ve provided caregivers with improved solutions over the years.” – Jeff Stegner, Software Engineer


3 thoughts on “Netsmart Gets a H@ndle On the #10YearChallenge”

  1. Jason Hoy has mentored me in ways in ways I can’t describe. The weight he carries, could only be done by him. Without his guidance, I could only wear 1 hat unlike him, who’s wears close to 7!


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