Teching It to the Limit

Netsmart recently held its first-ever TechSync, where developers and engineers came together to discuss innovation and collaboration in hopes of pushing our technology to new heights. In this two-day event, more than 400 associates from across the country gathered at our Overland Park campus.

In addition to discussing strategy and opportunity, participants were given the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers including the vice president of Cloud Infra & Platform Service at Cisco, Koen Denecker and Amazon Web Services (AWS) senior account manager Jack French. Sessions also included how to make application hosting decisions in a multi-cloud environment and how to navigate through technology, which was presented by investor, advisor and self-proclaimed technology geek Robert Nagle.

For the event finale, Netsmart hosted its very own hackathon. This event gave developers the opportunity to strut their stuff in an in-house competition to see who could best tackle a workflow obstacle, challenge a current approach or come up with a real-life solution that doesn’t already exist. The hackathon was proof of the talent and skill our engineers possess, making investing in their ideas and strategies a no-brainer.

Team 8 took first place in the competition. Their pitch blew away the judges with its ability to immediately impact and provide value to Netsmart clients. Although only one team could be deemed the winner, it’s safe to say everyone was impressed by the ideas and efforts of all who competed. We look forward to pushing new boundaries with more innovative technology and services in the future as our abilities and visions continue to grow to new heights.

Congrats to the winning team and all who participated in this year’s hackathon!

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