Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2019

Today we’re throwin’ it back to last Thursday, April 25 to highlight a special day at Netsmart —Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day!  Our main Overland Park, KS campus building welcomed associates and their children for a morning of interactive learning and fun. This year, associates joined their children as they ventured from station to station immersing themselves in the Netsmart culture.

The day began with donuts, mingling and coloring as the children identified exactly what they believe Netsmart and their parent does. Set in the EDM café, foosball and Connect Four served as great ice breaker activities for the children to become acquainted with one another. It’s also the most activity both games have received by 9 a.m.!

Once the most important meal of the day concluded, participants received their passport listing out the available sessions and activities for the rest of the morning. Netsmart volunteers staffed each station and were eager to engage with the children as they visited. Spanned across three floors and the EDM park, participants truly got the onsite Netsmart experience.

They took selfies, rebranded the current NTST logo, broke a sweat in fitness bingo, explored the basics of coding, increased their mental health knowledge and built memories to last.

The mental health session kicked off with an engaging activity that tested participants’ mental health knowledge. Each parent-child duo was given a dry ease board paddle to display their answers to a handful of mental wellness focused questions. Once all paddles were raised, the group discussed the correct answer before moving on to the next. The session not only boosted participant awareness but included them in a cause and community Netsmart is grateful to support.

Before the day concluded, all participants gathered in our EDM park for a device-free lunch. In an effort to remain present and focus on connection, associates and children alike were encouraged to place their devices in a basket located at each table.

A representative from START, a local organization that’s increasing parental awareness of our digital well-being, shared a few remarks before lunch. She opened the discussion with a question to the children: when have they seen technology serve as a distraction? Right off the bat, attendees were immediately captivated and eager to participate. Taking steps to create device-free zones at home, especially around mealtime, served as the take away message.

All around, Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day was a success! We loved the extra energy and laughter that filled the office and look forward to hosting the day again next year.

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