Meet Our Veterans: Dewayne Campbell

In the Meet Our Veterans series, we’re proud to recognize Netsmart associates who have worn the uniforms of the armed forces. It’s sincerely a privilege to work alongside individuals who have served our country. We thank them and all military members and their families across the U.S. for their service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Continue reading to follow Dewayne’s unique journey from the U.S. Navy to Netsmart.

Dewayne Campbell, Senior Network Engineer

1. What motivated you to join the military?

My family has a history of service to this country. Since my great-great-grandfather migrated to this country, a large majority of our family has proudly served.

2. Why did you choose the military branch you did?

I was looking for an opportunity to start a career that was forward looking (after I was done serving). The Navy offered to spend almost two years training and preparing me to serve in a technical capacity. I am still using the skills I learned in the Navy in my day-to-day career.

3. What lead you to a career at Netsmart?

After my service ended, I was a Department of Defense (DoD) civilian until the 2013 government shut down. As the primary income provider for my family, I could not afford to not get paid. I began to interview at technical companies, and the mission of Netsmart appealed to me.

4. Described the transition back into the civilian workforce.

This is still a daily process. There is a very different lifestyle and mindset in the military. Small nuances that become part of your personality and thinking are somewhat counter-intuitive to the way things are done in the civilian workforce.

5. How has your service and experiences impacted your work at Netsmart?

My duties in the military were to “weaponize” IT. We used compute resources to aid warfighters in the battlefield. Needless to say, it was an extremely high-stress job. Having an “always on” mindset has helped translate to design decisions in ensuring that solutions that are implemented in our Data Centers have the same high availability that we strove for in the military.

6. How do you recognize Veterans Day?

There are several of my friends that I made in the service that I reach out to and make sure they are okay. I take time to talk with my children about the armed services. I think it’s important for them to fully understand the hard work and sacrifices men and women are making to serve our country, and Veteran’s Day is a great time to discuss that.

7. What was the one thing you learned that surprised you from your time serving?

The amount of trust our country has in the young men that make up the bulk of our fighting force. I remember being 20 years old and in charge of a multimillion-dollar satellite dish. Our country spent time to train and prepare us and placed a lot of trust in us.

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