A Friday Filled With School Spirit

Although every FUTURE has a different story on how they landed at Netsmart, one thing they all have in common is school spirit. Last Friday, the FUTURES sported their favorite college gear and came together to share their experience at Netsmart so far as well as aspirations for the rest of summer and beyond.

Check out what our FUTURES had to say about their universities and why they chose to spend their summer at Netsmart.

Abby Fauss – University of Arkansas

Andrew Bridges – University of Kansas

Jacob Korb – Kansas State University

Hallie Gibbs – University of Missouri

What do you hope to learn and take with you from your summer when you return to school?

Abby: “When I leave Netsmart I hope to take back all the networking skills I’ve learned here so far and the knowledge from the mental health first aid training session.”

Hallie: “When I return to Mizzou in the fall, I plan to take all the leadership and communication skills I am receiving through the FUTURES program. The Netsmart FUTURES program has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and improve upon the skills necessary to become successful in my career.”

Why did you choose Netsmart?

Hallie: “I chose Netsmart because I heard about the amazing culture at the company. I also had heard that Netsmart is a company that encourages personal growth and provides its associates with meaningful work.”

Andrew: “I chose Netsmart because of the goal to erase the stigma around mental illnesses, help implement technology solutions to combat the opioid crisis and the culture of like-minded, mission driven people to push the limits in healthcare.”

Jacob: “I chose Netsmart because they care deeply about their clients and the people they serve. I am passionate about helping people, so our values aligned and led me here.”

How does your school experience play into your role at Netsmart? 

Jacob: “Through my coursework at Kansas State, I have acquired a vast theoretical knowledge., At Netsmart I am able to take that theoretical knowledge and apply it to the real world. I have also taken the soft skills that I learned through my involvement on campus and translated those skills to how I communicate with fellow associates at Netsmart.”

What is your favorite part about your university?

Abby: “My favorite part of my university is the sense of community and family that is there. The whole town of Fayetteville loves the university. I also love the outdoorsy feeling of campus and the friendliness of the community.”

Jacob: “I love the inclusive feeling there is on campus, everyone is so friendly. I also enjoy going to the sporting events and seeing the whole student body uniting around the ‘Cats.”

As you can see, the FUTURES come from a range of backgrounds. Even though some of them may be rivals during the school year, they come together in the summer to contribute their unique skills to the Netsmart family. We hope they continue to grow over the summer and we can’t wait to what they do this fall at their respective schools!

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