FUTURES, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Five of our FUTURES went wheels up last week and traveled to the Netsmart Great River office in New York. These associates had the opportunity to work and collaborate with their mentors and managers face-to-face. Sean Waxman, a software engineering FUTURE, expressed how nice it was to be able to meet his mentor in-person instead of relying on Skype. While there was a lot of work completed throughout these two weeks, there was also some fun team building activities and great memories made.

Bynn Lee and Nicholas Chen are seen above during the “Coding at the Beach” event, which took our FUTURES and their mentors to the shore. Between soaking up the sun and playing a variety of beach games, there was still a lot of coding and collaboration going on. After travel and a full week of office work, this work day at the beach was well deserved.

Our FUTURES took their talents to the ocean to enjoy the Great River office’s annual fishing outing. Even though it was raining, there were lots of smiles and fish caught during their time out at sea. Later that night, they got to show off their fresh catches and bond with other associates in an office-wide fish fry. According to Waxman, they didn’t catch enough fish to feed all their new friends, but the gathering was accompanied by burgers and hot dogs for everyone to enjoy.

The FUTURES and their mentors also spent some time away from the water with a night at the bowling alley! This was an especially memorable gathering because one of the mentors broke the Netsmart high score of 167! They also got to witness the daily banana time ritual one Netsmart team does every day in the office at 3:52 p.m..

While there was a lot of fun things going on around the office during these two weeks, the FUTURES commented on how being in New York helped them gain helpful insights and ideas about their summer projects. Bynn Lee states, “Working with my team, I was able to power through a lot of problems that I had been stuck on. It was helpful to be able to have my mentor and manager just steps away.”

We are so glad that these FUTURES had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with their teams in Great River, but we’re happy to have them back in Overland Park for the rest of the summer!

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