A day in the life of a FUTURE

We have a motto here at Netsmart – “expect the unexpected.” Our FUTURES are learning this statement to be true, as every day in the office is unique and different than the next. Their days are exciting, bustling, sometimes surprising, but always rewarding. So, what does a day as a FUTURE look like?

Ivy Stansbury, Graphic Design FUTURE

“I start each day off by grabbing a cup of coffee down in the EDM café with other fellow FUTURES. This has been a way for me to get to know other FUTURES better and learn more about what they are doing here at Netsmart. Once I get back to my desk, I usually start by checking emails and checking in with my mentor and manager to see what needs to be done for the day or for the week.”

“I have had the opportunity to work on quite a few things this summer. From social media campaigns to updating the signage in the parking lot, I have been able to add a bit of my own design style into the Netsmart brand. I am currently working on the design for our annual user conference, CONNECTIONS. This is a great project because I know the design will be seen by many associates and clients. I also get to stray a little from the brand guide and create something new that no one has seen before.”

Jake Sullivan, Account Management FUTURE

“My day typically consists of working with the other sales FUTURES, sitting in on demos and working on our summer project. I love coming to work every day because I know I will be challenged and able to work on something that will be of value to Netsmart. This internship has allowed me to explore a career in sales and has provided many opportunities to grow my skills.”

“This summer I have been working on a project called Solutions Map. It’s a system that allows easy access to essential sales and pricing information pertaining to the various solutions provided within myEvolv, myAvatar and myUnity.”

Ben Ferreira, Software Engineer FUTURE

“My project this summer is to expand Netsmart Compare to include Home Health Compare data, improve the applications user interface and automate the data collection. These changes will allow home health care providers around the country to access  valuable data trends that will enhance their ability to care for patients, as well as save time for Netsmart associates on my team.”

“This summer I have been tasked with a project that allows me to highlight my skills and bring knowledge that I’ve attained from school to work. Coming in to a new company and culture can be overwhelming at first, but Netsmart as well as my mentor and manager have made sure that I have all the knowledge and skills I need to succeed.”

Aaron Kofoid, Delivery Analyst FUTURE

“My days are never the same, but it usually starts with checking in with my engineer partner to understand what needs to be done for the day. Typically, I make a list of what things I need to accomplish for the day or week. I also have had t the opportunity to shadow an associate during the week. I have been exposed to so many various jobs and departments across the organization and have gained so many different perspectives.”

“One of the things I have been working on is my Consulting Add-on project, which will help future delivery analysts by having a central location for all documentation, internal and external, regarding KPI Dashboards. This project will reduce the clutter in SharePoint, and  make things easier to learn for new consultants. My collaboration project is over Netsmart Compare, a CarePathways product. It’s currently only used by nursing homes, but we are expanding the product, so it can be used by home health care organizations, as well as hospice care to be able to compare their facilities to other providers around the nation.”

Netsmart strives to create meaningful work for the FUTURES in order for them to grow throughout the summer and channel their successes throughout the rest of their professional lives. We love hearing about their perspectives and all the great work that they’re doing. We know that these last couple weeks of the program will bring just as much fun, engaging and meaningful work for our FUTURES to finish out their summer strong!

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