Making EveryDayMatter with the FUTURES

Recently our FUTURES took the opportunity to use their EveryDayMatters (EDM) volunteer day to grow their awareness of the impact we can make in our community by working in the gardens of our partner, Cornerstones of Care. Cornerstones is a local organization that offers social services including education, behavioral healthcare, foster care, and youth and family support services. The dedicated staff at Cornerstones works day in and day out to provide the best care for families in the community. What better way to support their mission than supporting them to serve others.

Hear from FUTURES Chase Neely, Cade Green, Nick Porsch and Grant Leonard to learn about what EveryDayMatters and being cause connected means to them.

What was the best part about EDM Day?

Grant: The best part of the EDM Day for me was being able to directly impact one of the communities Netsmart serves. My family has adopted 2 children and I am very passionate about the adoption/foster care community. It was very cool to get a glimpse into what Cornerstones does for the clients they serve.

Nick: For me, the best part of our EDM day was the opportunity to work side by side with other FUTURES on something that is impactful and meaningful. Being able to see the transformation of the gardens and all the kids running around Cornerstones really opened my eyes to see that what we were doing was really making an impact on this community.

What Netsmart value is your favorite and why?

Chase: Passionate. I am lucky to work alongside people who are passionate about what they do. When someone is passionate, I believe that their attention to detail, desire to build things the right way and ability to be efficient is very important to clients who rely on us to be successful.

Cade: Values Results v. Effort. I firmly believe that results are a key indicator of success. Within Netsmart, I feel everyone works hard no matter what their role might be at Netsmart. It’s so important that we are successful in the things that we do so we can continue to support and help our clients be successful.

What does EveryDayMatters mean to you?

Chase: EveryDayMatters is an important reminder to me every morning. I still have the same two wrist bands from last summer that I have not taken off because of how true those words matter to me. Every day I look at the bands and remind myself that today DOES matter and that I should always push to be the best I can.

Cade: Every day matters to me because working here for two summers has shown me that every solution and person within Netsmart helps someone in need. No matter what an associate is doing within Netsmart, it is helping a client and making someone’s life better. Netsmart is passionate about helping people and you can feel that within each associate that works here.

Nick: Every day matters means that the work I do each day at Netsmart helps to benefit the rest of the world, especially in the communities we serve.

Grant: Every day matters is precisely the reason we were at Cornerstones and why Netsmart has such a strong partnership with them. Being cause connected gives us the opportunity to serve our clients in multiple ways.

This day was a glimpse into what it truly means to be cause connected. It allowed our FUTURES the opportunity to take an inside look at how we can make an impact on the communities we serve. Our partners at Cornerstones of Care said it best, “we are in this together.”

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