SOARing Alongside our Clients

Grounded in the five LeadSmart Expectations, SOAR is a nomination-based leadership program that provides year-round support, discussion and collaboration to a group of Netsmart associates who are currently directors and vice presidents. Through a self-study structure, SOAR participants receive resources and support that help develop their leadership skills, expand healthcare industry knowledge and business acumen.

The group meets onsite once a quarter at our Overland Park headquarters to build upon what they’ve learned through interactive activities and presentations. In the most recent gathering, participants heard from a client panel that provided an inside-look at how Netsmart clients are actively leveraging our solutions.

“Listening to our clients share the challenges they are facing as the industry changes, as well as their individual operational projects and priorities reminds us all that our solutions are vital to their business,” Toni Taylor, vice president of support operations said.

Before the most recent session began, Netsmart executive vice president of client experience, Carol Reynolds, and general manager Kim Elsberry presented a joint overview of population health management. The presentation highlighted how value-based care, integrated care and whole-person care weave into the Netsmart strategy and how our solutions continue to drive care forward. This presentation was a great segue into the panel discussion, as care is at the heart of what our clients do.

The panel included KVC Health Systems’ Business Relationship Manager, Shavonda Thrower, John Knox Village’s Director of Information Technology, Theresa Herman, and Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc.’s President and CEO, Julie Pratt.

The session kicked off with each panelist sharing a brief profile on the organization they serve. As the discussion progressed, more in-depth conversations emerged about what a typical day looks like for each panelist, industry challenges they face and ways in which Netsmart is a supportive partner. Each panelist spoke candidly about how technology can better serve their organization and solve specific pain points.

These quarterly sessions not only grant associates an opportunity to have face time with clients, but give them an opportunity to take off their Netsmart hats and put themselves in the clients’ shoes. SOAR participants are better able to understand the clients and their work, while learning ways Netsmart can partner with them as an innovative partner.

“It is always refreshing to hear from clients and the perspectives they bring,” Jacob Vos, director of consulting said. “Being on the implementation side, it was great to have Julie Pratt from Comprehensive Mental Health Services speak, as she is currently in the middle of an implementation. Julie mentioned the importance of open communication both ways during implementation to build up the partnership with each other.”

In addition to the client panel, SOAR members got to see Netsmart leadership in action. Throughout the discussion and panel, Reynolds not only successfully moderated the discussions in order to keep the conversations active and engaging, she set an example of how to be a leader who truly listens and cares about the needs of the clients. By actively listening to the clients, asking real questions, reiterating their concerns and discussing next steps in a collaborative manner, she embodied much of what makes up a great leader and partner.

“I appreciated seeing Carol ask the ‘tough’ questions,” Taylor said. “This is a unique skillset, and observing how Carol moved the conversation forward, delivered the message and facilitated consensus on the answer was an ‘expert class’ in action.”

To ensure we continue to increase innovation and productivity while incorporating the Netsmart mission across the organization, we’ve made it a priority to invest in our leadership. As we continue to grow rapidly as a company, the need for high performing, effective leaders is crucial. SOAR is a catalyst for program participants to lead Netsmart into the future; we are excited to watch these driven individuals thrive and take our efforts and collaboration to new heights!

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