Guiding Our FUTURES Forward

The FUTURES program is built to “develop innovators and dreamers for the Netsmart of tomorrow.” Interns are called FUTURES because they are the future of Netsmart. FUTURES are given a project to work on throughout the summer, followed by a chance to “strut” what they’ve learned before the program ends. The goal is to allow students to grow their passion within Netsmart, learn new professional and leadership skills and collaborate among each other.

Over the years, the FUTURES program has almost doubled in size and includes students in areas of consulting, marketing, HR, finance and engineering. We spoke with previous FUTURES who are now Netsmart associates to share about their experiences and what they would recommend to those who are joining the program for the first time.

Building relationships is important in any part of life. The relationships FUTURES create with their teams and peers make the experience even more valuable. Through team building activities and social gatherings, these opportunities allow the FUTURES to interact with fellow interns and associates who they might not have gotten the chance to meet outside the program. Although the program is ever-changing, the one thing that stays the same is the lasting relationships with others that are built throughout the summer.

Working in an environment where you enjoy what you do and where you feel inspired is important when choosing the next step in your career. Netsmart provides an opportunity to build relationships across the company, whether that be with an associate, fellow FUTURE or client. Having a job that allows you to continuously serve others in their development and knowing you are making a positive impact in the community is a fulfilling aspect in any job. It’s safe to say we have found that to be the case at Netsmart!

There are a lot of contributing factors that led us to join Netsmart full-time. From the welcoming culture, to the opportunities to grow in their profession, to the relationships built through our previous experience, we have found Netsmart to be a family. Learning on the go and being given the tools you need to succeed provides associates with an ideal situation for learning and growth. Netsmart fosters an environment for excelled learning and the opportunity to obtain knowledgeable skills while giving individuals with the tools they need to succeed.

Transitioning from a college student to a full-time associate at any job can be daunting. But having the experience as a FUTURE before coming to Netsmart allows you to be exposed to the company’s products, technology, services and culture in an environment that is approachable yet forward thinking.

Although the 2020 FUTURES program is already halfway over, we agree that it’s essential for all to take advantage of their remaining time here at Netsmart. Everyone is here to help you succeed, so they encourage current interns to not be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Learn as much as you can from your mentors and managers and do not be afraid of the unknown. This is an opportunity like no other and even though our time together is going by fast, there is still much more to learn.

Senior Delivery Consultant Aaron Fox, Network Engineer Dalton Bush, Talent Acquisition Partner Haley Stephenson, Client Sales Representative Hallie Gibbs and Program Coordinator Hannah Valentine contributed to this response.

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